Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh


Anglo American solve Maths challenge!

At the start of this academic year, we faced lots of new challenges in school as we had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ to keep our school community safe. Year Group Bubbles were formed, break and lunchtimes were staggered, classrooms were rearranged and the sharing and lending of equipment was no longer permitted. This last adaptation proved to be a particular problem for our Maths Department who regularly lend out scientific calculators during lessons. They are an essential piece of equipment required in order to access the Maths curriculum. The only solution to this would be to provide every student with their own. But at a minimum of eleven pounds each, this was going to be very expensive! And this is where Anglo American stepped in.

They have worked closely with us in the past, providing valuable resources and experiences for our students and we wondered whether there might be anything they could do to help us out on this occasion. Following a meeting with Anglo American, the response that we got from them was overwhelming.

As part of their Community Response Plan to provide relief during the Covid-19 pandemic, Anglo American donated a staggering £4,500 enabling us to provide every single student at George Pindar School with a high-quality, scientific calculator. This means that every single student now has the equipment to access the Maths curriculum and no one gets left behind. The students were delighted when the calculators were given out.

Enormous thanks to Anglo American. We are in awe of your generosity!

12 October 2020