Admissions Consultation

George Pindar School is currently consulting on admission arrangements for 2023 – 24.  The views of parent/carers, schools and other interested parties are being sought during this consultation.

All admission authorities must formally agree their admission arrangements every year, even if the arrangements have not changed from the previous year. When changes are proposed, a consultation has to take place, which will take the views of parents and other interested parties into account.

This year’s Admissions Consultation is being held between 8th December 2021 and 19th January 2022.

Please click here to view the draft policy in its pre-determined form.

Any comments on these proposals should be addressed to:

Following the consultation, the admission authority (the Trust) will formally set (‘determine’) the admission arrangements for admission in 2023-24 by 28 February 2022. Determined policies will be on the school website and the Trust website by 15 March 2022 after which objections can be raised.

If you require a paper copy of the document you can request this from the school or Trust via or 01904 560067.

Primary School Students

The Local Authority will contact families of Year 5 children in June and provide you with information on how to apply for a secondary school place. In March of Year 6 you will be offered a place at a secondary school. At this point, George Pindar School will contact all families who have been offered a place with them for the following September.

George Pindar School usually feeds from a set catchment area that, as a general guide, includes children who live in areas served by the following schools:

  • Braeburn Primary School
  • Cayton Community Primary School
  • Overdale Community Primary School
  • Seamer & Irton Community Primary School
  • Wheatcroft Community Primary School


In-year admissions

Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme

George Pindar School participates in the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions. If parents/carers wish to apply for a school place, applications can be made at:

Full details of North Yorkshire County Council’s in-year admissions process is available at:


The right to appeal

By law, if your child is refused a place at your preferred school, you have the right to appeal against that decision to an independent panel.

Further detail is available at:


Admission for students with SEND

Please see our SEND page for more information.

Admissions policies

2021-22 Admissions Policy
2022-23 Admissions Policy

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George Pindar School will provide a paper copy of the information on the school website if requested. Please contact the school office for copies.