Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh




Head of Geography and History: Miss G Robinson

Key Stage 3 Geography

Geography at Key Stage 3 aims to develop pupils’ understanding of physical and human patterns and processes, at a range of spatial and temporal scales.  Pupils build upon their locational knowledge of places at different stages of development, within and between countries, focusing on the impacts of socio-economic processes, such as globalisation and urbanisation.  Pupils consolidate their understanding of the significance of development gap issues by linking this to the challenges of managing physical processes, such as a range of natural hazards and threats to the natural environment.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Geography

Exam Board: AQA: Geography

Unit 1 Is called ‘Living with the Physical Environment’ (35%) It includes: The Challenge of Natural Hazards The Living World: Ecosystems such as tropical rainforests and hot deserts and Physical Landscape in the UK, focusing on rivers and coasts.

Unit 2 Is called ‘Challenges in the Human Environment’ (35%) It includes: Urban Issues and challenges, The Changing Economic world and The Challenge of resource management.

Unit 3 Is called ‘Geographical Applications’ (30%) and is skills based.  Students complete two sets of field work investigating the links between physical and human geography.  Questions in the exam relate to the fieldwork enquiry process. The issue evaluation is an information booklet on an issue to investigate and then answer questions about in the exam. 

Assessment: 100% exam

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