Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh



Special Education Needs (SEN)

Faculty: Learning Support

Learning Support Manager: Mr Ged Dalton

SEND Governor: Alan Richards (Chair)

SENDCo: Ms L Allen

For SEND requests, please contact Vice Principal for Inclusion, Ms L Allen, in the first instance

Our Vision

We pride ourselves at George Pindar on being a fully inclusive school, where every student, irrespective of need, receives the best education and has high aspirations for their own future. We believe passionately in the limitless potential of all our students and we strive to ensure that every student, whatever their need, is successful in achieving their own personal goals through appropriate personalised support and intervention.

At George Pindar we take a child centred approach. This ensures that the child is at the centre of initiatives designed to support attainment and progress. All students identified as having a Special Educational Need complete a One Page Profile with a member of the Learning Support team. This ensures that their voice and opinions are at the centre of all support they receive.

The Learning Support Team

The SENCo and Learning Support Manager work closely with staff across the school to ensure that appropriate strategies and support are in place for individual students. An environment where staff can collaborate and develop professionally to improve the quality of provision is encouraged. Across the school the SENCo and Learning Support Manager work closely with Head of Years, Head of Faculties, the Pastoral Support officer, Behaviour Support officers, Cover Supervisors, and the ARC team.

At George Pindar we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of teaching assistants who work with a range of students across the school. Each of our teaching assistants takes the lead on a specific area of need. This allows for specialisation and the open exchange of information and the sharing of expertise. By taking this approach we ensure the team is up to date on the latest best practice for supporting students across the four areas of need.

We are thrilled to be recognised as an accredited Thinking Reading school. This is a fantastic intervention, overseen by our Thinking Reading Coordinator, Mrs Davies. The intervention uses a unique and powerful approach enabling us to fast track students who may struggle to read when they first join George Pindar School. This provides those students with the skills and confidence to become successful readers throughout their school career and future life.

The school boasts an additional reading intervention programme in Read Write Inc. Fresh Start. This intervention is delivered by Teaching Assistant, Mr Dawson and gives pupils the chance to catch up and become confident, fluent readers – enabling them to access the secondary curriculum. 

In order to provide more extensive support for those students who require it, we work closely with a range of outside specialists including: Education Psychologists, Specialist teachers, the Inclusion Hubs, and the Local Authority SEN team.

What do we offer?

  • Alternative learning pathways centred on students’ individual needs
  • A secure base for students who require additional support in an alternative space to the classroom. This can be for a ‘time out’ or for a longer period, based on each individual students’ needs.
  • Break and Lunch support
  • Programmes which develop social and emotional skills, such as LEGO Therapy and friendship circles
  • Specialised reading support through our Thinking Reading and Fresh Start Programme
  • Support and encouragement for students so that they feel able to attend their lessons and participate fully in school life.

Key Stage 3 – Curriculum

The SENCo and Head of Year 7 work closely with our feeder primary schools to ensure that we have the best and most up-to-date information about our students before they join us in September. For those students who have additional needs, initial contact is made with parents/carers by one of the Learning Support team. We recognise that for some students, periods of transition can be difficult, and for those who require it we offer an extended transition. The SENCo will happily attend the annual review of those students in receipt of an Educational Heath Care Plan (EHCP) who are intending to join George Pindar School.

All year 7s take the Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS), which along with their Key Stage 2 data and information from primary school allows us to place students in the most appropriate groupings based on their needs. A nurture pathway, including Literacy and Numeracy lessons, is timetabled for those students who require additional support and exposure to key skills.

Within the classroom, subject curriculums are differentiated to meet the needs of all our students: opportunities for extra support and stretch and challenge is present in our extended curriculum.

All students have their reading comprehension tested upon entry to Year 7. This is to give an accurate picture of reading ability and to ensure that lessons are accessible for all students. Those who require additional support with this skill may work with one of the Learning Support team or be placed upon the Thinking Reading and Fresh Start programme.

Students may be withdrawn from their non-core lessons in KS3 in order to facilitate a programme of intervention and ensure accelerated progress.

Key Stage 4 – Curriculum

Students are supported in making their GCSE choices at the end of Year 9. At George Pindar we offer a large range of vocational subjects alongside more traditional routes. Our vocational offer not only meets the needs of our students but also local industry, as we aim to provide students with an offer that interests and supports future ambitions.

For those who require it, we offer a tailored support path at GCSE. This will include Study Plus, where students receive additional classes to support them in Maths and English. For a small number of students, we also offer the ASDAN course Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE). This allows us to certificate a wide range of personal qualities, skills and achievements, as well as introducing new activities and challenges designed to support students in their future lives.

During Year 9 and 10, the SENCo and Learning Support manager will begin to assess which students may need additional support in their exams. Through teacher evidence, assessments and our knowledge of each student’s needs, we will ensure that those who may benefit from additional support are tested for exam access arrangements. The outcome of these tests will identify whether they need extra time, a reader or a scribe/laptop in their GCSE exams. These arrangements are not suitable for all students. Those in receipt of an EHCP will automatically receive this help in line with their day-to-day provision.

During Year 11, all students will meet with Mrs Jo Bilton for Careers Information Advice and Guidance. Those students who need additional support when applying for further study can receive this in Learning Support, in conjunction with Mrs Bilton. The SENCo works closely with the further education providers to ensure that students transition successfully to their next step when they leave George Pindar.

Additional information

North Yorkshire SENDIASS offer free, impartial advice, information and support to families of children with SEND. T: 01609 536923   E:

North Yorkshire’s Local Offer for SEND contains lots of information and support

Click here for our SEND Information Report

Our SEND Policy is available on our Policies page