Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh




School Uniform
We are proud of our uniform which unites us as a community and represents George Pindar School so positively. 
All students are expected to wear the following;
  • Plain white shirt with collar, school tie (the shirt should be buttoned to the collar and the tie knotted to the shirt collar and of a reasonable length). 

  • Black blazer with school badge.

  • A grey slipover must be worn in addition to the blazer.

  • Tie with grey/blue/gold stripes.

  • Black tailored trousers ‐ traditional style straight leg which must be loose at the ankle and not skinny fit. No pinstripes, jeans or trousers that are jean style in their appearance (i.e. patch pockets), cords, leggings/jeggings or similar, narrow legged or tracksuit style. Trousers which are skin tight are NOT acceptable. Trousers should not have large belts/buckles, brightly coloured pocket zips e.g. gold or silver, or studded/riveted pockets.

  • A pleated black skirt as an alternative to trousers (pencil / tight-fitting skirts are not acceptable).

  • Plain black flat leather or leather look shoes or plain black (no visible logos or other colour) trainers must be worn. Black leather (look) formal boots without a heel exceeding 1½” and which must fit under trousers are permitted. Shoes, trainers or boots should be fully black and have no obvious logo – NOT fashion boots, flip-flops, ‘Toms’, Vans, pumps or similar canvas/beach shoes or shoes made from fabric or sandals.
    Parents / carers should check with the school prior to purchase if unsure.

For safety reasons, you may only wear one stud earring in each ear. No other body piercings will be allowed. You will be expected to remove piercings before arriving at the school each day; clear plastic retainers are permitted. Students who refuse to remove piercings will remain in Reflection until they do.

No other jewellery may be worn although a watch is permitted. If you are found to be wearing any jewellery that is not permitted, you will be asked to remove the item(s) or be placed in Reflection until you do so.

False eyelashes are not permitted. Students are expected to remove false eyelashes before arriving at school. Students who refuse to remove false eyelashes will remain in Reflection until they do.

It is important that the uniform is worn correctly. Outdoor coats should be removed at the door. Blazers must be worn on corridors at all times. Shirts should be tucked in and ties should be knotted up to the neck. Hoodies must not be worn (unless they have a front vertical zip from top to bottom and are being worn as a coat).

Uniform rules apply on the journey to and from the school. Coats should be worn over and not under blazers.

Tracksuit tops, denim jackets, sweatshirts and similar are not permitted as coats.

Additional Information
  • Hair must be of a natural colour and style; any shaved hair must be not less than a grade 3 cut
  • Make-up, if worn, should not be noticeable
  • Coloured nail polish, acrylic nails, gel nails, and other forms of false nail are not permitted
  • Jewellery is restricted to one pair of stud earrings. No other forms of jewellery are allowed and retainers must be worn
  • Hoodies are not permitted in school
  • Mobile phone use is not allowed in school. If a mobile phone is brought in by a student, it should be switched off and kept in the student’s bag at all times
  • Any mobile phone seen or heard will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day; on the third occasion contact will be made with home and parents / carers will need to collect it
Buying your uniform

Due to changes in Government guidance, there have been changes to the school uniform and the number of branded items which must be purchased. There are two uniform providers in Scarborough who sell branded items as well as non-branded items. Non-branded items can also be purchased from supermarkets / high-street stores. 

Our uniform providers are:

Edge Clothing
Edge Clothing is located at Unit 5, Wareham Road Eastfield, Scarborough, YO11 3UW
Email or telephone 01723 585837

Rumours are located at 17 Victoria Road, Scarborough, YO11 1SB.
Their telephone number is: 01723 501989.

PE Kit
  • Navy blue polo shirt
  • Navy blue shorts 
  • Navy blue sports socks
  • Trainers
  • A George Pindar School black or navy blue top is also available to purchase, for use outdoors, and is entirely optional