Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh


Coronavirus arrangements

We are continuing to operate in line with Department for Education guidance which is regularly updated.
Consent for Lateral Flow Testing
Please click here to give consent for your son/daughter to have COVID tests.
Further information about testing can be found below.
Risk assessments
The latest version of our general risk assessment can be found here (please note this risk assessment is updated as necessary)
The Asymptomatic Testing risk assessment can be found here (this is V2, updated 04.03.21).
You can also see the Risk Assessments for Music, Dance and Drama during the pandemic and Physical Education during the pandemic here. These must be read in conjunction with the full Risk Assessment above.
In school a number of practices are in place to enable the whole school community to stay safe and you can find details of those by viewing the updated student briefing (above).
Our expectations
At George Pindar School, it is a priority that the whole school community continues to be safe, respected and that students are both able and enabled to achieve the highest possible outcomes. The following policy documents help set out our guidelines for how we can all achieve these goals:
Face coverings 

Face-coverings and masks are also an important part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and the Department of Education recommends that face coverings should be worn by all adults and students in all communal areas and corridors. Students must therefore wear their face coverings at all times unless eating on yards at breaktime, seated to eat in the dining or main hall at lunchtime or during PE lessons.

This World Health Organisation infographic on the essential do’s and don’ts is very useful. The graphic – which can be freely downloaded and printed for children – also shows how to properly wear, adjust and care for your mask. 


Schools are required to offer all students three Lateral Flow Device tests over the next two weeks. It is our intention to offer the inital test from 3 March to support the safe return of students on 8 March. The remaining two test(s) will take place during the first week back to school. Rapid testing using LFDs support the return to face-to-face education by helping to identify people who are infectious but not have any symptoms.

To find out more information please refer to the Coronavirus Update letter dated 28 February 2021.

Some children and young people with autism may find the home testing kit distressing, so this handy guide gives advice on how to prepare your child for the test and how to conduct the test.

Online learning

To support our students if they need to continue their learning away from school, we have created a bespoke online learning platform to support pupils with their learning. Find out how to access this here.

You can also read about our Remote Education Procedures here.


Additional information

The following document has been published by HM Government and contains useful information and guidance parents and carers may find useful.

Information for parents and carers about attending schools, nurseries and colleges in the spring term 2021.