Principal - Lesley Welsh
Principal - Lesley Welsh


Primary Transition subject challenges 2021

Year 6s - will you take the challenge?

English Challenges

Riddle me this…

Take a look at the riddles in the pdf below. You can send your answers to the riddles below and anything else you want to share with Mrs Barraclough, Head of English Faculty. We can’t wait to meet you all!


Hello Year 6 students. We can not wait to meet you. To help us get to know you, we would like to set you a challenge…

Can you create a diorama of your favourite book?

Maths Challenges

Welcome! We have set three new Maths Challenges for you to have a go at:

Challenge 1: A crime has been committed – somebody has taken all the calculators! Mrs Koval-Meth would like you to find out who did this, where and when! Take the challenge

Challenge 2: This is all about co-ordinates. Somebody has taken Mrs Danby’s collection of rulers! You must find out: who is responsible for this crime, where did it take place and when? Take the challenge

Challenge 3: You will need to use your knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to work out who has taken all the mini whiteboards. Miss Jones would like you to find out who took them, where they were taken from, and when this crime happened. Take the challenge

Maths Challenge: Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to our Maths Challenge! Watch the video below and then see if you can open the box with the codes. You’ll need to access the documents below the video to get to the answers:

Your Maths challenges

Escape from the Zoo (Green Padlock)

Solve the Sudoku (Yellow Padlock)

Crack the Coordinates (Blue Padlock)

Pigpen Cipher Mission (Pink Padlock)

Once you have cracked all of the codes, you need to submit your answers – find out how by clicking here.

GOOD LUCK! We hope you can become a Virtual Maths Escape Room Champion!

Modern Foreign Languages Challenge

Here at George Pindar School, we love learning languages! Our department offers French, German and Spanish!

For your transition challenge, we would like you to design a poster….

Geography Countries Quiz International

Look at the pictures on this presentation and guess which country they make. Remember, “say what you see!” 

History Challenge: The Ultimate Quiz!

What do you know about Scarborough?. Send your answers to and we will enter all received quizzes into a draw!

Get your question and answer sheet here

Music fun

Have a go at these fun music activities. Chair drumming – you’ll be hooked!


Food Technology – Kitchen of Kindness

Make something to eat/drink-for someone you care about. Then, send a photo of your name and either the final thing that you made or how you made it to

Art challenge

Draw a picture for each one of the words in the image below. Then cut them out and make a collage from them. 

Take your design skills to outer space

Design and make a habitat / home suitable for living on Mars – be creative! Take a photograph of your finished creation and send it to:

Computing – A sprite from SCRATCH

Do you like playing computer games?

Do you fancy being a game designer?

I would like you to design a new SCRATCH sprite. It can be an animal, fantasy, people, sport, food, fashion or dance.  

Send your finished design to Mrs Nolan E:

London trip

Please take a look at this presentation about our proposed London trip in May 2022.